Bamboo Salt Mineral Coffee (Diabetic-friendly)

HKIII Bamboo salt mineral coffee

Ever heard of Bamboo salt Mineral Coffee before?

Yes, if you have a choice, why fight against health?

We have brewed a delicious and healthy bamboo salt coffee for you to make your breakfast healthy and energetic! This is the best healthy Coffee in Malaysia.

Bamboo salt mineral coffee

HKIII – Mineral Coffee (Diabetic-friendly)
20g x 20 sachets


Korean Bamboo Salt, instant coffee powder (Arabica and Robusta), maltitol, non-dairy creamer.

Mineral coffee not only has an aroma from the Robusta and Arabica coffee bean to satisfy the senses of coffee lovers out there but is also enriched with nutrient values of magnesium from natural bamboo salt originated from Korea, which promotes irons absorption and utilization.

It is also enriched of:

  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Rich in minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium.
  • Revitalizes tired mind and body
  • Eases tension


  • Replenishing human minerals
  • Low acidity (suitable for patients with stomach problems)
  • Sugar-free (suitable for diabetics)
  • Improve satiety (help weight management)
  • Improve blood sugar
  • Refreshing

Why bamboo salt?

bamboo salt

Bamboo Salt actually a natural sea salt cooked in bamboo using traditional and natural cooking methods. Originated from Korea thousands of years ago, this natural cooking process purifies the salt and enhances the salt’s mineral content which is good for us.

Maltitol is a sugar alcohol. Sugar alcohols are found naturally in some fruits and vegetables. They’re also considered carbohydrates.
Sugar alcohols are typically manufactured rather than being used in their natural form. They’re sweet, but not quite as sweet as sugar, and have almost half the calories. They’re usually used in:

  • baked goods
  • candy
  • other sweet items
What is maltitol

They can also be found in some medications. Besides adding sweetness in place of sugar, maltitol and other sugar alcohols help keep food moist, and help prevent browning.
When you’re checking labels, be aware that maltitol may also be listed as sorbitol or xylitol. It’s sometimes even listed just as sugar alcohol, since it falls under this category.

Maltitol allows you to get a sweetness that is close to that of sugar, but with fewer calories. For this reason, it may help with weight loss.

It also doesn’t have the unpleasant aftertaste that other sugar substitutes tend to have. This can help you to stick to a lower-calorie diet if you’re trying to lose weight or manage diabetes.

Maltitol, and other sugar alcohols, also don’t cause cavities or tooth decay like sugar and other sweeteners do. This is one reason they are sometimes used in:

  • gum
  • mouthwash
  • toothpaste
HK3 bamboo salt mineral coffee
HK3 bamboo salt coffee
HK3 Bamboo salt mineral coffee

Coffee has become a vital drink in life. It serves as energy drink that open up you day. Also, it is an indulgence after hours of work. However, it is hard to find diabetic friendly instant coffee in the market at the moment. As a pursue of best coffee for diabetic,  Mineral Coffee (diabetic-friendly) is therefore formulated.

According to research, coffee has blood sugar lowering effect. Together with bamboo salt, this property is further enhanced. On the other hand, Hanker Suisse sugar replacement is used as the sweetener. It tastes sweet but doesn’t cause sugar spikes.

Arabica and Robusta coffee powder are chosen for best aroma and taste. Bamboo salt enhances the mouth feel and Hanker Suisse sugar replacement gives unforgettable healthy sweet experience.

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bamboo salt coffee testimonial

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